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Long Code SMS

Long Code SMS

Long Code SMS is known as a phone number or virtual mobile number or large number is used by e-Commerce and other business platforms for lead generation or receiving comment from the targeted customers as a voice calls and SMS messages.

Long Code SMS can be forwarded to any phone number or extension at any time and anywhere in this world. Our Long Code SMS platform to identify the incoming messages based on keywords and forward it to the respective account.

With this technology, Sanjay Bulk SMS stay relevant in Online Bulk SMS Service and it is also very helpful for newbie entrepreneurs.

Features of Long Code SMS Service

  • Tailored made Welcome Messaging
  • Real Time Reporting Module
  • Control panel to view replies.
  • Real Time Editing
  • URL Forwarding.
  • Easy to employ and add to mobile phone address books.

Long SMS Service Vs Short Code SMS Service

  • Long code SMS are cheaper and faster to implement
  • 2-way communication are allowed in Lond Code SMS
  • Control panel to view replies.
  • Popular keywords are always available for long code
  • Long Code SMS Serivce is cheaper for the end customer