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Verify Your Bulk SMS Service is Generating Business Leads or Not

Friday, February 16, 2018


Connecting always with customers is one of the most essential tips in marketing technique, and this is where bulk SMS services perform a highly effective platform in online. While messaging, offer something worth to your customer and make your customers feel special in your service or product.

After creating the message, it is important to find the exact targeted audience, in order to connect with them and make them engage with your message always, because only targeted audiences help to keep your business booming. Before getting into the article, Sanjay Bulk SMS in Chennai shares Top 6 Reasons to Use Bulk SMS Marketing Service in 2018.

Process to verify how Bulk SMS Service Generate the Business Leads:

The Verification Process involves in three ways. They are:

  • Growth Rate
  • Redemption Rate
  • Churn Rate

Growth Rate

Growth Rate is always referred to the number of customers or client who subscribe to your Bulk SMS Marketing as a result of the campaigns you are Generated.

In order to produce the number of subscribers or finding the growth rate, just deduct the number of previous subscribers from the current subscribers. Now, obtain the result and divide it by the number of previous subscribers.

Redemption Rate

Redemption Rate is referring to the action your subscribers did what your Online Bulk SMS Service campaign invited them to do. Keep in mind that the success of Bulk SMS Provider in Chennai, depends upon the performance of message and subscribers action taken on it.

Get your redemption rate by dividing the number of subscribers that act by the total number of subscribers.

Churn Rate

This Churn Rate refers to the number of people who have not interested in your Bulk SMS marketing campaign. If you run any kind of marketing campaign some numbers of people make out of subscribership because they no longer need your services. Though, if your Churn Rate is referred to be higher, and then there is an issue with your messaging content or targeted audience.

To calculate this Churn Rate take the number of people who have not interested and then divide it by the total number of subscribers.

If you calculate these rates, you can easily find whether your bulk SMS service is generating the business leads or not. Sanjay Bulk SMS is a one of the leading Bulk SMS/Email Marketing companies in India offering a wide range of Bulk SMS Service like the Bulk SMS Service, Transactional SMS Services, Business SMS Services, Promotional SMS Services, and Email Marketing, Voice call SMS and WhatsApp Marketing Service in and around Chennai.


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