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How Transactional SMS Marketing Take Your Business Forward

Friday, April 20, 2018


The word “Transactional SMS” has turned into quite trendy in every part of the business world. One need to be aware of using the service is recommended to have the top best bulk SMS service provider of Transactional SMS in Chennai. In this blog the most important things that every business peoples must know how Transactional SMS Marketing takes your business forward.

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What makes Transactional SMS Differ from Promotional SMS?

The promotional SMS are focused on offers and deals of all sorts of products and services, while transactional SMS contain the information related to the things like bank transactional, bank credits notification, payment dues for all kinds of business etc.

Promotional Bulk SMS

  • Employed for Marketing purpose like Discount, Offers and Sales, etc
  • SMS can be sent only between 9 AM to 9 PM
  • SMS cannot be sent to DND numbers
  • Works with 6 Digit Numeric Sender ID

Transactional Bulk SMS

  • Employed for sending Business Messages like OTP, Bank Transaction, etc
  • SMS can be sent at any Time.
  • SMS can be sending on DND numbers.
  • Works with 6 Characters Sender ID.

Usage of Transactional Bulk SMS

This Transactional Bulk SMS is mostly employed in finance, insurance and banking sectors to send information to the customers. Using this SMS service the bankers can easily send the transactional information’s of their credit and debit card to the customer instantly.

Apart from the bankers, travel agency are hiring this Transactional Bulk SMS service to send OTP, Ticket confirmation, ticket payment confirmation, etc to the customers. This saves a lot of time and help the passengers in numerous ways.

Schools and colleges use this Transactional Bulk SMS Service in India, for sending different types of information to the parents and students. The students receive information about the result and examinations, etc., whereas the parents receive information related to performance and progress of the student.

Here, it shows that every sector has gained a many useful things from this Transactional Bulk SMS service.

How to Send this Transactional Bulk SMS?

To send this Transactional Bulk SMS, one needs to contact a Bulk SMS Service Provider in Chennai. After choosing the right type of service and packages you may ask to provide mandatory documents along with the sender ID. After submitting the documents your messages are framed and ready to reach your customers.

Likewise, you can move your business forward using this Transactional Bulk SMS Service in Chennai. For more information, you are free to make enquires to us.


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