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Best WhatsApp Marketing Campaign Strategies

Tuesday, July 24, 2018


Like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest. WhatsApp, is one of the most widely used social network, and it has officially been overtaken Facebook messenger. WhatsApp is a mobile application having billions of active users which allow users to share unlimited text, audio messages and video for free.

WhatsApp has been a tough opportunity to generate consumer engagement. Because there are no ads, no media to buy and users not liking intrusive spam like messages means you need to work harder.

Every marketer needs to find out the whatsApp marketing strategies that can help you to increase sales. Our Sanjay Bulk SMS is also providing WhatsApp Marketing Service Chennai, sharing the best whatsApp marketing campaign strategies.

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Create an Engaging Brand Awareness for WhatsApp

The very first step is to create an engaging brand character that represents your brand with its WhatsApp number.

After representing with WhatsApp number, it’s easy to engage with person on whatsapp, exchanging pictures of products they are interested in, asking questions and even agreeing payment and delivery terms. The brand has been selling an important quantity of its online sales via whatsapp after it started sharing its number with customers.

Build Perfect Phone Database

Whatsapp is ad free, and hence it is important to build a base of users, you need to offer them something to exchange for their phone number. This can be a promotion, a free sample, a free service or valuable information.

Design an attractive Ad to get users to share their number. Once you add them on whatsapp, send them the promo / offer and begin their relationship with you.

Deliver Quick Customer Service

Whatsapp has an 80% opening rate, which means you are almost guaranteed contact of your message if you customer is on whatsapp with you.

Make sure you are sufficient to handle customer queries. In this customer service, you have to be alert on customer quires and send them immediate respond. This quick response will create trust on your brand.

Offer Related Information for Free

Whatsapp has a 90% engagement rate, higher than Facebook. That means you need to offer users, great information on relevant topics to make sure that they are engaged with you. Most of the Whatsapp Marketing Chennai also offers some relevant information to ensure the customer engagement.

Consumer Research

Moreover WhatsApp has not been used for research, but offers an easy to use, low-cost and fast platform to run quick research. Also whatsapp is highly applicable for conducting some fast discussion internally within your company. You can ask consumers about the flavors they like, and ask them to decide between options the brand is proposing to launch among other things.

Most of the Whatsapp Marketing India uses the framework of a character, a great rate exchange, and content and customer service to have great sales and generate leads using Whatsapp.


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