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6 Ethics of Effective Email Marketing

Thursday, September 20, 2018


Email is one of the best online marketing tool that has the prospective to reach a massive number of customers who are interested in your business or service or product.

And while it is probably one of the most well recognized methods of outreach, the study continues to explain that it can be very successful when it’s used correctly.

There are some effortless ethics you can utilize to increase the open rate, reach more people, and find more success.

In this post, Sanjay Bulksms, a Bulk SMS Service Provider in Chennai sharing 6 Ethics of Effective Email Marketing in Chennai which helps to reach massive number of customers for your business.

Make a Special Offer

Making a special offer can increase your conversion rates.

Your subject line is the most important part of your email, it should be detailed about what they will obtain for opening the email, then the email body content should be specific about what you are offering to the customers.

Just keep in mind that you’re not selling the product or service with this email. Your offer is just simple to define enough to provide them a reason to click to your website.

Speak Like You Would on Social Media

Think of it like social media. If you care for ever social media posts like an advertisement, you fastly lose those followers, too.

So, let’s imagine email as a different way to be social. That’s what email is supposed to be, isn’t it? A method to stay connected with friends and family?

Make Offer in the Right Way to the Right Audience

You have to be clear and definite about what you offer, but that alone doesn’t make people click your call to action button. It’s all about choosing the right audience for your email.

You can be entirely specific, you can have the best offer, but it would’t have much collision with the wrong audience.

You can immediately reach a huge audience through an email campaign, but you have to clearly describe about your audience and establish what approach will make the recipients a reason to click.

Don’t Expect to Get It Right the First Time

Don’t expect excellence on your very first email. You can do well with your first email, thinking that you’ve started your campaign on the accurate base, but it takes some tests, some work, and some re-working to grab all the potential here.

Email marketing is like every other element of online marketing, meaning you need to rely on analytics rather than assumption.

Don’t Ask for Much

An email with a call to action in the choice of “subscribe now for $10 a month” isn’t possible to obtain much grip.

Don’t try to sell anything with your email apart from a click. That means selling them on the value on the other side of that click.

If you’ve connected with them, and spoken to them as a real person, this shouldn’t be too hard to do.

Make the Value Very Clear

Starting from the subject line to the images and content, you need to make sure that you’re connecting the value you offer to the reader.

In the SEO world, we often talk about how you only have a few seconds to capture your customers attention once they land on your home page.

With email, the same urgency applies, but in a different way.


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